Who we are, why we exist, and what we do.

Hey, I'm Shaimoom 👁‍🗨

The Creator

Hi, I’m Shai! A playful observer of the world, transcribing experiences into words of love and brushstrokes of life—one experience at a time.

I exist to find peace within myself, unabashed love with others and the next delicious feast that activates all 5 senses.

Like my personal relationships, my business is founded on trust, communication and ingenuity. I find true joy and fulfillment in delivering impactful work that creates wonder as much as it produces results.

My approach is founded on a commitment to listening to business owners first and speaking second. Obsessed with composing creative solutions for businesses, I deliver exceptional work custom crafted to elevate your brand and amplify its voice.

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Chelan, WA
Creative direction, creative execution, growth strategy, all things Webflow, HubSpot, & WordPress.
Shaimoom Newaz - The Creator

Hi! I'm Kelsey 💎

The Champion

A Truth seeker and soul connector on a journey to self-discovery, carrying tenacity and enthusiasm with me every step of the way.

I exist to care, nurture, and empower the people I love, the community I live in, and the ideas that foster growth.

I have an eye for quality and a heart for products, brands and people. When I’m in love, I share it with the world.

From the outset, I’m driven to help clients explore their goals and navigate them through solutions. Together, we will grow your brand with strategies fueled by love, compassion and creativity.

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Chelan, WA
Brand development, content creation, social media, client success, sales enablement.
Kelsey Newaz - The Champion

Hi, I'm Brittney ✨

The Operator

Unapologetically addicted to travel, feeding my obsession for immersive art, music, and storytelling, while capturing unforgettable memories along the way.

I exist to find the deeper meaning, serendipitous connections, and relentless growth.

Guided by Heart Leadership, I’m fiercely loyal, and cool under pressure. I have a passion for cultivating lasting relationships and building programs from the ground up.

As a powerhouse events & operations director with a laser focus on executional precision, I deliver on promises while driving strategy & success.

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Tacoma, WA
Event direction, event execution, operations, project management.
Brittney Schrag - The Operator

Hi! I'm David 👾

The Synthesizer

Always digging deeper to uncover both the mechanics and artistry of life and unafraid to investigate the unknown.

I exist to discover new delights, cultivate motivation, and bring joy to other people (even at my own expense). Every day is a chance for me to grow in mind, heart, and spirit.

Drawn to the magic of cinema and charged by energetic visual art, I channel my childhood on-screen heroes into my professional craft.

I connect the dots, set ideas into motion, and execute plans with precision. Plus, I see to it that my contributions lead to real results for my team and our clients.

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Fullerton, CA
Copywriting, graphic design, social publishing, content publishing.
David Lindwall - The Synthesizer